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About Anticorp Mining

Anticorp Mining was founded by the late Hughe of Clan Anticline. Hughe Anticline was a infamous dwarven foreman with a knack for finding the best ores in the largest quantities. He was also a shrewd businessman that watched his going more closely than a dragon watches it’s horde.

Currently, Georgia Anticline is the foreman for Anticorp Mining and also sits as council for the mayor. Anticorp has seen explosive gains since Georgia took over the role of foreman over a century ago after the passing of her father Hughe.

Forge of Moradin

Clan Anticline devoutly serves the dwarven paragon Moradin. As such, Anticorp Mining contributes a healthy sum of coin monthly to the Forge of Moradin a temple created to serve followers of the great paragon of creation.

Rivalry with Meridian Ore

There has always been a friendly rivalry between Anticorp and Meridian, though there is always potential for an all out feud as is the case with dwarves.

Business Success

It’s no secret that a large part of Anticorp’s success in trade has everything to do with dwarven heritage. Given Clan Anticline’s history, they have many exclusive trade deals provided by the merchant guilds and there are many dearven clans that will only barter with Anticorp since it is a strictly dwarven operation.

Anticorp Mining

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