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Welcome to the character guidelines page. Before reading through this section, it is highly recommended that you visit the Ingot page and learn a bit about the world your character resides in. Having an idea of the key non player characters (NPCs), locales, and happenings will lead to a more rewarding role play experience.

Character creation requires the D&D 5th edition Player’s Handbook (PHB) and specific pages/sections will be called out below for reference.

Your first session will revolve around filling out your character sheet and meeting your party. It is wise to have a few character classes (PHB pg. 45-121) in mind you would like to play to better compliment other player’s choices.

Starting Level

New characters will start at level 1. If a player character dies, they will rejoin the party at 1/2 the current party level rounded down.

Legal Races

  • Dominant – Human, Dwarves+, Gnome, Halfling
  • Uncommon – Half-Elves, Half-Orcs
  • Rare – High Elves, Tiefling, Dragonborn
  • Exotic – Dark Elves, Duergar
  • Nonexistent – Wood Elves

+ Dwarves in this universe have a southern/country twang instead of classic Scottish/Irish accents

Please consult your DM if you wish to play a race not mentioned above

Character Classes

Currently, there are not any character classes restricted in this campaign. Any class listed in the current PHB are available to players. It is recommended that players print out the section that goes over their character’s class so that they can have it available for reference during game sessions.

Starting Equipment

Please consult PHB pg. 143 to learn the starting wealth for your character class. Starting equipment is listed within your class section.


Players are required to select a background from the list in PHB pg. 127-141. Bonds, ideals, flaws, and personality traits will be rolled for at the first game session and players will be expected to factor these results into their character’s behavior.

If you have any question around character creation regarding story, class rules, or appropriateness please reach out to your DM

Character Guidelines

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