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Village Information


Ingot maintains a population of approximately 5,300 villagers. Of those dwarves, gnomes, halflings, half-orcs, and humans dominate the populace with the occasional tiefling or dragonborn.

Common is the dominant language, but depending on what section of the village you are in Dwarvish is the language of choice.


Costal Temperate. Ingot benefits from warm winds from the coast and cool fronts from the surrounding mountains. Temperatures stay brisk like an outside air conditioning unit with mild showers precipitating through the are thanks to competing fronts.

Major Industry:

Mining/Refinement – Ingot is strangely blessed with the realm’s most exotic ores at a seemingly endless supply. There are two major mining corporations within Ingot village, Anticorp Mining and Meridian Ore.


Imperial Coinage (Same denominations highlighted in the PHB). The trade of Ingot is monitored by the Merchant Guild. Currently Jim “Three Coins” Mahoney is the ambassador of the guild serving as advisory to the Mayor.

Government Structure:

Dictatorship – Ingot is currently run by Mayor Goldshire who is influenced by members of his advisory. Current members include Feywind Meridian, Georgia Anticline, Charles Von Adler, Jim “Three Coins” Mahoney, and Dilland Triumph.

Major Language:

Common. However in some areas Dwarven is preferred.

Races Inhabiting Ingot:

Dominant – Human, Dwarves, Gnome, Halfling
Uncommon – Half-Elves, Half-Orcs
Rare – High Elves, Tiefling, Dragonborn
Nonexistent – Wood Elves

Major Attraction:

Hogsback Drift is an elaborate dungeon housed at the center of Ingot village. It attracts adventurer’s far and wide in seek of fame and glory. It is also a particular interest to scientist and archeological explorers who believe it might be an ancient dwarven city that predates the oldest cities in the realm.

Many industries have popped up in support of the large influx of adventurers, most notably are the Triumph Taverns owned by Dilland Triumph.


Naval / Coastal Guard – Ingot is well defended by it’s Coast Guard, which takes responsibility for order on the seas as well as on Ingot’s land. The guard is highly efficient in it’s tactical defense thanks to Charles Von Adler, the current commissioner of the guard.


Spanish Coastal – Ingot’s architecture reflects a coastal Spanish settlement one would see in the Caribbean during the 1800’s. Lots of pastel colors near the sea and more populated areas of the village. As the city tapers to the mines, the pastel colors are replaced with precious ores/gems that ornately decorate the more industrious buildings required by the mining practice.

Highest Mountain:

Mount Ziggurat (32,000 ft)

Major Temples:

Forge of Moradin
Temple of Bahamut

Goods and Services:

Pauldron and Blade
Triumph Taverns
Cleo’s Forturne Shrine
Jimbo’s General Goods
Salving for Violence


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