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About Meridian Ore

Anticorp Mining was founded by the late Kiewit of Clan Meridian. Kiewit is not your average dwarf. He was deemed clanless at a early age and was forced into decades of servitude to other more strong dwarven clans. Kiewit was soon able to buy his freedom and set off on a life of adventuring and did so well that he was able to set up a mining company in Ingot.

Feywind Meridian is the current foreman of Meridian Ore. Feywind is not your typical dwarf, in fact he isn’t a dwarf at all. Feywind is a high elf that was discarded at his birth and found by Kiewit during his adventures. Kiewit raised Feywind so it was natural for him to succeed him in his company. Feywind is a brilliant engineer and has been at the source of many wondrous mining machines created to increase extraction efficiency.

Clan Meridian

Clan Meridian is not your typical dwarven clan. It contains very little dwarves, and in many dwarven circles isn’t considered a recognized clan in the annals of the race’s history. The name “Meridian” is more given to those without status or name that have proven themselves valuable to the Meridian Ore company. It is rumored that those granted with the Meridian surname are taken care of for life.

Rivalry with Anticorp Mining

There has always been a friendly rivalry between Anticorp and Meridian, though there is always potential for an all out feud as is the case with dwarves.

Business Success

Meridian Ore has been surprisingly stable given it’s almost nonexistent reach into the dwarven market. Yet where the dwarves have blacklisted Meridian, other groups have begun to embrace the product. This is especially among activist groups thrilled by the multiracial inclusiveness in the Meridian Ore hierarchy.

Meridian Ore

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