Temple of Bahamut

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The Temple of Bahamut is a worship site dedicated to the dragon god Bahamut.

Temple History

Missionaries where first attracted to the site due to Mount Ziggurat’s towering peak which they believed touched the heavens for a more direct commune with the divine. It was at the basin where ground was broke and the temple was quickly erected by the faithful.

The temple has since served as a popular worship site for followers of Bahamut and recruitment center for those looking for redemption.

Temple Collections

The Temple of Bahamut does not accept tithing through coin. Worshiper’s of Bahamut highly favor charitable craftsmen and those who share their time in the betterment of others.

Entry into Mount Zigguraat

Passage into the mountain is heavily regulated by the temple, and the peak is reserved for only the lucky few blessed by the Grand Cleric herself.

Temple of Bahamut

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