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About the Coast Guard

Ingot’s land and sea is protected by the Coast Guard. The coast guard is a highly effective defense unit thanks in no small part to Charles Von Adler.

Tower Barracks

Part of the coast guard’s success is attributed to the strategic deployment of ‘Tower Barracks’ throughout the village. These watch towers double as housing for the guard, which allows for intricate flare base warning systems as well as rapid deployment of reinforcements throughout the village.

Iron Fortress

Ingot is surrounded by an impenetrable mountain range and the only access is via sea. This has allowed the village to be free from invasion for the last millennia. Barbaric forces that have since failed to pillage Ingot have dubbed the village, “Iron Fortress.”

Docking Policy

The other aspect of Ingot’s superior security lies within their docking policy. Vessels are only allowed port at Ingot once every new and full moon. Vessels seen more than that are destroyed indiscriminately after three fires.

Coast Guard

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