Hogsback Drift

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Hogsback Drift was the name given to the dungeon that lies at the center of Ingot Village. It has gained notoriety amongst adventurers for it’s spiraling chambers, treacherous beasts, and exotic treasures.


While there are many historians dedicating their craft’s focus on the history of Hogsback Drift, no one is sure of it’s origin. Even less can agree on a creation era though the popular belief holds that Hogsback predates some of the most ancient High Elf cities.


Hogsback Drift is broken up by floor levels. Many adventurers enter Hogsback Drift with the goal of reaching specific levels within the dungeon either for exploration or to complete a specific quest.

While the floor numbers don’t hold any specific value, many adventurers do use it to signify adventuring capability.

Hogsback Drift

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